Live, Interactive Trainings

Join weekly, group social skills classes with real classmates taught by a live teacher via interactive video right from your computer, tablet or phone.  Incuentro offers a convenient and affordable way to access evidence-based strategies - wherever there is WIFI.

Parent Trainings

Incuentro offers the piece you as a parent of a child with autism, ADD, social anxiety or similar special needs have been missing.  Social skills training is most effective when it is naturally woven into everyday life.  Gain the knowledge and skills you need to confidently coach your child 24/7 -  no matter where you live. 

Distance Collaboration

Ready to include a social skills program in your classroom? Incuentro has your lessons ready! Incuentro's teacher will join your classroom via video conference to teach a 15-20 minute social skills lesson once a week. We provide you with the activities to followup and support the lesson with your students. For more details email

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