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Welcome to Incuentro: Your go-to educational hub that provides live, special education social skills classes for individuals with cognitive differences, such as autism and ADHD, along with instructional content for parents, educators and employers of individuals with special needs.

Currently, there are more young people with autism, ADHD and similar special needs than there are services and teachers equipped to help them. Incuentro endeavors to solve this problem by making best-in-class social skills education available live, online, to anyone, anywhere. By providing these virtual, accessible-anywhere social skills classes, people who do not have direct access to special needs organizations or communities are now able to establish that all important connection and receive the support they truly deserve, regardless if they live in a major city, or live 100 miles from the nearest major city.

Founded by Wendy Dawson in 2019, Incuentro has been changing lives since its debut. Incuentro’s online classes are each taught live by a special education instructor, across five age groups: first grade through early adulthood. Our social skills classes include topics such as communication, emotional self-regulation, and self-awareness.

Incuentro also hosts a program called WorkSmarts—live classes tailored for young adults learning professional “soft skills,” such as understanding workplace hierarchy and dealing with uncomfortable feedback. The classes are designed to be of benefit to anyone with social-cognitive challenges, not just those with autism.

In addition to these categories, Incuentro also offers parent training modules, as well as content for employers of individuals with special needs.

We are so excited to have you here and look forward to many years of continued educational support to our wonderful students, parents, educators, and employers of individuals with special needs!

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