About Incuentro

Welcome to Incuentro: Your go-to educational hub that provides special tech solutions for those with special needs.

Currently, there are more young people with autism, ADHD and similar special needs than there are services and teachers equipped to help them. Incuentro endeavors to solve this problem through novel software and virtual solutions.

Founded by Wendy Dawson in 2019, Incuentro has been changing lives since its debut. Incuentro’s online social skills classes are taught live by a special education instructor, across five age groups: first

grade through early adulthood. Our social skills classes include topics such as communication, emotional self-regulation, and self-awareness.

Our newest venture combines state of the art technology with empirically supported strategies for life-long learning. This endeavor brings together practice, research and over 30 years combined experience in the special needs sector.

In addition, Incuentro also offers parent resources, as well as content for employers of individuals with special needs. We are so excited to have you here and look forward to many years of continued educational support for our wonderful students, parents, educators, and employers of individuals with special needs!

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