Social Skills

Know to grow

Open to grades 1-12 + Young Adults

Life lasts longer than the 18 years of school, so let’s prepare our social skills to be ready for whatever encounters come our way! Whether it’s navigating friendships, or more complex work environments, knowing what others may expect of us and how to successfully interact with our surroundings is key for a happy and fulfilling life.

Learning Objective: Social skills for improved self-awareness, self-esteem and relationship building while establishing a support network.

Who's a good fit:


Foundational skills to prepare for school readiness. 

Lower Elementary

Building blocks for communication, emotional and social awareness.

Upper Elementary

Skills to encourage reciprocal conversations, self-awareness, emotional control and navigating friendships.


Building upon a strong social skills foundation to encourage with peers, reduced bullying and increased self-esteem.


Solidifying a strong social skill base in communication, self awareness, self-esteem and self-advocacy in order to prepare for the transition to adulthood.

Young Adults

Practicing communication, interaction and self-advocacy as social skills become more complex in social, work and community environments while developing a strong support network of friends and resources.

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