We believe in an inclusive community where connections matter. We welcome learners from diverse backgrounds, locations and with various learning needs.

We appreciate feedback and will continually strive to update and improve our services based on your suggestions.

We ask that all participants assume good will even if things go wrong! Be patient, kind and helpful. We will respond as quickly as possible to issues that arise. We hope you are thrilled to finally find what you need to know!

We do not require a diagnosis, however, most of our students are considered on the autism spectrum, have ADD/ADHD, social anxiety, depression or other special needs. Our students have trouble making and keeping friends but are motivated to make friends. They need boundaries, filters and coping skills and are motivated to participate in online classroom discussions.

Each participant in our program will have varying results, in part due to individual motivation and focus on the lesson topics presented. We highly encourage parents (caregivers or staff) to further assist with generalizing skills through active practice in daily life. Social skills training is an all-day, every day adventure! Check out our coaching videos that complement the live lessons. 

While we cannot guarantee an outcome, we guarantee your satisfaction with our courses!

Simply put, you need a computer, tablet or smart phone with a camera and good internet connection.

You need an Incuentro account and a ZOOM account.

You need an email that you check regularly.

Here are more details for those who like specifics:


We teach skills based on evidence-based practices. Our lessons are based on a 4-step principle:

1. Describe the skill

2. Model the skill

3. Practice the skill

4. Immediate feedback

Lessons are age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate according to the class selected. Please see course descriptions for further details.

Our teachers are experts in their fields. Many hold advanced degrees. Please see their bios for full descriptions.

Be on time, ready to learn and always considerate of your teacher and classmates.

Your class is as great as you make it - be prepared, participate and stay focused!

If you don't understand, feel free to ask!

Good candidates can sit and attend to a 45 minute class. For younger students, parents may need to sit beside them.

Please know that we record all live sessions. Please don't behave badly - it will be on video. We value your privacy. Recordings are restricted for customer service, teacher training, quality control and compliance purposes. We will warn and remove or unenroll learners who (in our sole discretion) are disruptive to the Incuentro learning environment.

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