Trainings to increase inclusion
at your workplace

Inclusion should not be just an initiative or a program
it should be part of your organization’s culture. 

"Front Door"

Get your business ready for anyone with autism or other neurodevelopmental differences to walk through your front door and feel welcome!
  • CUSTOMIZED Site and scenario specific trainings
  • 2 hour In-person trainers or live Zoom video conference
  • 70+ years of special education expertise all for you
  • Pre-survey to ensure engagement
  • Post-survey to communicate results


In-Person Facilitator:

Pre and post survey – customized team preparation and results discussions

2 hours direct training ($1500plus travel if outside the greater Houston area)

Live Video Training

Pre and post survey – customized team preparation and results discussions

1 hour live video training ($500)


WorkSmarts for the Employee

  • An employer sponsored benefit for neurodivergent employees
  • 40-week, live video, facilitator led, group class covering soft skills and nuances of the office environment
  • Ongoing coaching and support to assist neurodivergent employees with assimilation and inclusion
  • Pre and post surveys
Work Smarts for the Employer
  • An employer sponsored benefit for those who manage and work alongside neurodivergent employees
  • 20-week coaching program for supervisors and colleagues of neurodivergent employees
  • Pre and post surveys


WorkSmarts (Employee) 

(40) 60-minute, weekly live group video sessions

WorkSmarts (Employer) 

(20) 45-minute, weekly, biweekly, or monthly live group video sessions

COST:  Varies depending upon the number of employees.  Let’s talk! Email for details and a customized quote.

Let’s make this work!

Benefits of an
Inclusive Environment


Reduced judgement and bias create a sense of safety and belonging when interacting with your business


Employees see their company embracing and acting upon diversity, equity, and inclusion ideals. Employees with neurodiverse family members appreciate their employer recognizing the additional challenges associated with raising/ caring for a special needs individual.


Knowledge increases confidence and empathy when working with neurodiverse individuals


Business reflects and has connections to the community it serves