Independence is a Process

Learning daily living skills is imperative because life doesn’t happen by magic. Learn to problem solve and ask for help. Find and focus on your strengths. Learn to self-advocate and communicate—because life is too short to sit on the couch all day.

We begin our discovery process with a BirkmaND questionnaire.

This 30 minute online questionnaire is ideal for individuals over the age of 16 with a 6th grade reading ability.

The BirkmaND report provides data-rich insights about usual behavior, needs and stress behavior, and occupational interests PLUS suggestions on accommodations to encourage conversations around increasing independence in transition years, or maximizing inclusion and acceptance on the job.

Ready to improve self-awareness and learn how others perceive you? Ready to demystify interpersonal dynamics that often result in misunderstanding, misperception, and conflict?

$300 includes the questionnaire and a personal conversation with Brandi, your certified BirkmaND Coach to explain the results.

Learn more about BirkmaND

Independence Coaching

Independence is a process – a transfer of competencies from parents or teachers to children or mentees.

Studies have shown that the ability to perform activities of daily living is a crucial component of future independent success and it’s never too early to start building independence!

Book a personal hour conversation with Wendy or Brandi to discover the top 10 ways parents or educators can start incorporating independence building in daily life. We’ll discuss why making life too easy on children with autism or other neurodiversity makes it harder on them later, how life does not happen by magic and how to create a climate of high expectations that will set them up for success and independence.


 $125 / hour

Includes download

While it’s highly recommended to have a BirkmaND assessment before this conversation, it is not required.


WorkSmarts – Social Skills for work environments.

Ready for the next big step towards independence? Ready for a job but unsure about your workplace’s social environment and what peers will expect? Do you feel confident in your ability to self-advocate and communicate with colleagues and supervisors?

WorkSmarts provides the answers!


WorkSmarts is a 40-week, LIVE video, facilitator led, group class covering soft skills and nuances of the office environment. WorkSmarts provides ongoing coaching and support to assist neurodivergent employees with assimilation and inclusion at work.

This class is appropriate for neurodivergent individuals seeking employment or for those who are employed and desire to demystify and better understand their working world.

It is highly recommended to have completed the BirkmaND before enrolling in WorkSmarts. The BirkmaND data will inform many conversations around workplace communication, accommodations, stress factors, perceptions, and emotional regulation.