Independence is a Process

Independence looks different for everyone.
Let’s create a climate of high expectations, community, connections, and confidence so everyone can achieve their potential.

Meet Incuentro's new learning platform
that provides easy access to autism expertise

Bite-Size Learning


Social Skills/

Looking for knowledge? “Bite-size” trainings fit your schedule and budget.

Each microlearning course is 2-5 minutes of the answers you need most – fast!

One and done, mix and match, or a bundled series on topics … you choose!

Our lessons work in carpool lines, therapists’ lobbies, or at the kitchen counter. 

5 minutes a day or 45 minutes once a week. What can you manage?

No overwhelm here, just what you need when you need it. Choose your trainings and feel your confidence grow over time.

It’s like having your own team of special education experts at your service.

Autism comes with lots of questions. A life coach for individuals or a parent coach can provide support and help in very specific areas of life.

A Life Coach helps in these areas:

  • Navigating small talk.
  • Daily schedules and routines.
  • Keeping up with appointments.
  • Managing the weekly upkeep of your home.
  • Using technology to stay on task.
  • Managing projects and deadlines.

A Parent Coach helps in these areas:

  • Understanding your child and their needs.
  • Navigating educational decisions.
  • Maintaining a positive outlook.
  • Creating a climate of high expectations.
  • Supporting your child on their journey to independence.

Live, virtual classes for all ages 8+!

Come learn tools to help make sense of an often confusing social world.

Social skills for school age children bring together learners in a safe and fun environment. Our teachers are special education and autism experts whose passion is to help children reach their potential!

WorkSmarts curriculum is designed to provide ongoing coaching and support to assist neurodivergent employees with assimilation and inclusion at work.

(It is highly recommended to have completed a Birkman assessment before enrolling in WorkSmarts. Birkman data will inform many conversations around workplace communication, perception, accommodations, stress factors, and emotional regulation.)

Ready to improve self-awareness and learn how others perceive you? Ready to demystify interpersonal dynamics that often result in misunderstanding, misperception, and conflict?

The Birkman report provides data-rich insights about strengths, stress behavior, and occupational interests PLUS information to encourage conversations around increasing independence in transition years, accommodations, and maximizing inclusion and acceptance on the job.

Learn more about Birkman. Book your assessment and personal consultation today!

(Birkman is ideal for individuals over the age of 16 with a 6th grade reading ability)