Executive Function

What's your plan?

Open to ages 14+

Lifelong success starts with building a strong foundation in the ability to plan and manage our daily lives. Practicing skills that help us focus, make decisions, resist distractions and manage impulses will help us prepare for school work, maintain relationships, and deal with frustration or problems. Executive function can be learned through practicing these skills so we are ready for more responsibility and independence!

Learning Objective: Skill acquisition and generalization of executive function skills  including the ability to plan and prioritize, focus and resist distraction, and manage impulse control.

Who's a good fit:

Beginners (Ages 14-18)

Skill acquisition and generalization of executive function skills including the ability to plan and prioritize, focus and resist distraction, and manage impulse control.

Advanced (Ages 14-18)

As we get older and life gets more complex, we need to strengthen the skills that enable us to manage activities required in our everyday life. This class is appropriate for learners with language and the ability to work in a small group (2-4 participants) and who are ready to move to the next competency level as they learn to manage life’s daily obligations.

Adults Only (Ages 18+)

As we grow, so must our abilities! The transition to adulthood can test our executive function abilities but the skills we learned early on can morph into skills we need at work, in our family and in our communities. This class is appropriate for learners with language and the ability to work in a small group (2-4 participants) and who are ready to learn skills necessary to manage personal responsibility, employment and independence.

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