Tele Social Skills

Social skills expertise should be available to everyone regardless of where you are located. Incuentro was created to bring tele social skills expertise to
families worldwide and create community 
among participants. Our expert educators teach live, on-line classes via video conference for individuals of all ages, educators and employers.



We are parents and educators who believe in fulfilling lives for those with special needs.

We believe in creating a climate of high expectations.

We belive that inclusion should occur naturally.

We belive in giving back to make trainings possible for those who cannot afford our services. 

We enable connections that matter.

We dedicate ourselves and our tele social skills trainings to these ideals and to serve those who will benefit from our efforts.


Incuentro supports Social Motion, Inc. a Houston-based 501 (c)3 provider of social skills and job skills training to those with autism and similar special needs.

Each Incuentro training purchase supports free trainings at Social Motion so those who need service receive it, regardless of ability to pay. 

Prefer to donate directly to Social Motion? Your donations are tax deductible!

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